Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Excited to be preparing for a solo exhibition at The Studio@620 this coming fall (opening second Saturday of November):TRAUMDENKER.
The beauty of having a minimal working knowledge of the German language is the ability to create words to express what you want...  TRAUMDENKER is literally DreamThinker which I feel is appropriate for this show as I am hoping to use this opportunity to manifest some dreams, working logically on things that are subconscious and intuitive; as the creative spirit often is.
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It is good to look back sometimes.

As an artist I'm always looking ahead to new work, no shows, new potential...and rarely do I ever take a minute to look back... old art work is forgotten, old accomplishments just water under the bridge.  But this is a disservice I think.  Recently I had to submit a resume/exhibition history for a project which forced me to consolidate and review the work I've been doing over the past few years. And I have to say I surprised myself.  I am not a boaster and typically under estimate what I have seeing everything in a list and knowing I did all of this while keeping up a daily job and home and social life, well I felt I should give myself a pat on the back. So here it is. In public.  I want to thank artists who have inspired me and shared things as simple as how to format such paperwork. Being an artist is a continual education. Here's to moving forward! And here's a look at that laundry list I was so surprised by...

My artwork reflects the family traditions that I was raised with and the value that was instilled in me for creating items by hand.  The work ethic of farm life and the appreciation of a partnership with nature have greatly influenced my artistic process and imagery. I make art to express that which is felt but unseen and to engage myself and the viewer with things we may have forgotten:  the connection to our roots, to childhood, nature, mystery, and the unknown.  It is easy to forget that we are creative from birth and stifle the impulse to play.  I hope with my art to stir some of those hidden inclinations back to life both in myself and in the viewer. I make magical art by blending printmaking with curiosity.


2011 First Night in the Black Forest (Installation), Straub Park, St. Petersburg, FL
2012 Think Big, Rob Davidson Fine Arts Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2013 Lost in the Wilderness, The Studio@620, St. Petersburg, FL
2014 Animal Magnetism, ARTicles Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2015 Explore More Installation, Museum of Fine Art, St. Petersburg, FL


2015 SHADOWSPEAK (with Polly Johnson), The Studio@620, St. Petersburg, FL


2008 The Print Show, The Studio@620, St. Petersburg, FL
2011 Florida Women, Florida Museum for Women Artists, DeLand, FL
2012 Super Fresh Group Show, Clothesline Gallery, Sarasota, FL
2012 Mullet Creek Art Walls (public art installation), City of Safety Harbor, FL
2012 Atomic Art Show, Clothesline Gallery, Sarasota FL
2013 Game On, Blue Lucy Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2013 Mixed Bag, Blue Lucy Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2013 Eat This, Blue Lucy Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2013 Whimsy, Metropolis Collective, Mechanicsburg, PA
2014 The Art of Women, Oleson Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2014 Burg is the Word, Blue Lucy Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2014 100 Films, Blue Lucy Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2014 Cats and Dogs, Blue Lucy Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2015 Elements, Black Amethyst Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2015 World on a String, Florida Craftart, St. Petersburg, FL
2016 Mixed Tape, Black Amethyst Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL
2016 Spirit Animals, Black Amethyst Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL


1990 University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, Coleman Award Printmaking Collection
2009 All Children’s Hospital, St. Petersburg FL


2011 People’s Choice Award, Historic Kenwood Art in the Park, St. Petersburg, FL
2014 Best in Show, Art on the Trail, Travelers Rest, SC

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

yART Sale 2017

 Excited for my annual studio sale! I have so much art, I hope some of it finds new homes because this summer I have a  lot of ideas for new work that I will be creating and I need the room and supply money! Gotta sell art to make art sometimes!