Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to design a poster...

i’ve recently agreed to do a poster for an upcoming event (florida bookstore day) which has nothing to do with vampires but everything to do with poster design so… i searched for nosferatu posters as a bit of reference to see how different minds approach the same creative task… shown here are a few of the results that i found. …  as many styles as there are artists to make them... i've posted an assortment below

so not sure that my image search really helped me much in my quest for how to approach this particular design problem... i'll be illustrating a book that i haven't read yet but i'm curious about trying this new project

meanwhile i can enjoy looking at how other artists have created designs for a movie that is so visually stunning (in my opinion) it deserves equally fantastic poster art!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

True Bugs

i'm a fan of stink bugs, assassin bugs, and here in florida we have the leaf footed bug--they're true bugs, not insects and i think they're cute.  a couple of years ago i spotted a leaf footed bug (called that because of the flaring bell bottoms the wear on their back legs) on the fence in my yard.  it reminded me of stink bugs growing up which i was sort of fond of... i liked a lot of crawling things as a kid, roly-poly pill bugs, praying mantis, daddy long legs ... i still do i guess.  i just did a quick search of my image libraries on my computer and found a lot of bug/insect/creepy crawly inspired art so here are a few, enjoy! and if you see a bug don't squash it!*


PS also in addition to being a 'bugs are beautiful' post, i think this goes to show that art can be about little things, things that are seemingly insignificant but that really are what make life magical so don't always be so caught up in giant concepts or ideology when nature is right there waiting to inspire you. 

* THE EXCEPTION TO THE NO SQUASHING RULE: Palmetto bugs! if you see one of those i encourage you to squash the snot out of those suckers YUCK!!!!!