Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Who Dat?!

 Don't be skeerd!  just a funny little monster stencil!  Making some demonically cute kitchen towels that can also double as a halloween costume in a pinch...   limited edition created with a one time use hand cut stencil!

Monday, September 29, 2014


art isn't all fun and games i'm sure you know...
day jobs, night studio hours and now the season is here for weekend festivals and markets.

the hard part is the physical labor but the fun is not just the reward of selling art.  the reward really is the completion of the circle which may come as some surprise. ...  creating work is a personal thing but when strangers see it and react that is a shared moment that a visual artist doesn't always expect.   unlike a singer or musician or dancer who practice to perform, art is (at least for me) a singular experience but i am realizing more and more that the finish isn't the moment the art is hung on a wall and complete but rather when someone else appreciates it.

this past weekend i've noticed that the people who respond more greatly to my work are either young or young at heart... and they squeal literally with glee and the humor (and occasional horror).  the real grown ups who have lost touch with adventure and magic can sometimes be reminded what they're missing and will walk away surprised and for a moment young again.  and that's a pretty good reward for any artist.