Sunday, September 20, 2015


I have been playing with block prints on wooden panels all summer and with Halloween approaching decided to work some glow in the dark screen printing ink into the mix-- it is super fun when i turn the lights off in my studio at night!
This final piece shown on the bottom is THE OWL KING'S X-RAY.  I love the implied narrative you get when you add a title sometimes....

Friday, August 28, 2015

A One Woman Art Factory

I've been working hard getting ready for the holiday events to start...especially excited for Halloween!  I've got a full schedule of markets and fairs lined up starting the first weekend in October and I'm determined to be ready! Plus in Florida no one wants to go outside in August anyway, so why not stay inside and make art?!

You can find a line up of all of my scheduled events and other places to find my work for sale posted on my website

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Psyche on Display + Bears

so... recently the state of florida decided it needed to allow bear hunting to stem the population growth... personally i think people are more of a problem with our continual sprawl and cementing of habitat... so i've been working on some pro-bear posters...  which brings me to my real thought of the day which is how at a recent art festival that i participated in, i noticed that some artists display their skill and some display their psyche...  obviously i'm one of those latter ones that put my beliefs and passions and uncertainties in my work for all to see, vs. art that is more decorative in nature.  Not everything i make is filled with meaning, sometimes it is just fun to make an octopus or a jack-o-lantern... but always my subject matter is near and dear to me...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Next Up: A Puppet Show at Florida CraftArt

Excited to share...
I'll have an interactive “jumping jack” piece in this “World on a String” puppet art exhibit at Florida CraftArt,  plus my Big Black Wolf puppet sets will debut there too--so be sure to stop in if you’re in St Pete or Tampa area! Opens June 26 but is on display thru Aug 15.
my jumping jack “the sixth swan” is inspired by a Grimm fairy tale where six brothers are turned to swans and their sister must knit them each a magical shirt for them to return to human form but she runs out of time and the last brother’s shirt is only partially finished so he retains one wing for the rest of his days…
my paper puppet sets are of course inspired by red riding hood but in my tale the wolf and a tree character are the protagonists... at least in my version! that is the beauty of them you can make up your own story....
Details about the show at…/world-on-a-string-exhibit…/

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SHADOWSPEAK: My upcoming exhibit with Polly Johnson

I'm pairing up with an amazing ceramic artist Polly Johnson from Sarasota for this duo exhibit at The Studio@620 opening June 5, 2015....  we both work along similar lines of inspiration--black and white, hints of narrative, a dash of darkness, and a haunting familiarity like you know this but didn't realize you knew...  ceramics, printmaking, and lots of amazing fun to be had!

this is my inspirational quote for the show:
"If we are to become all that we can be, we must not be afraid to boldly venture into the dark unknown of our Shadow."
excerpts from this source:

here is the facebook event:

as well as the studio@620's event page:

so you can stay tuned and plan to attend! see you there!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Elements art show mixes chemistry with creativity...

Today I am trying to work on my art for the upcoming elements art show
i selected germanium because at first i misread it and thought it said geranium… and then i was all ‘hello, germany!’ which i love of course… but now i’m doing some research and its kind of a rock n roll element so… not sure how that will play in to my final piece, i guess i’ll just see where inspiration takes me! 
I did read this blurb which is interesting:
“Germanium was used extensively in electronic component production the 1950s and ’60s, but was abandoned in favor of silicon components, which boasted superior performance, consistency, and value. Today no one cares about rare and finicky germanium components except certain audio geeks — especially the ones who play guitars.“
rare, finicky, and geek all in one sentence? yes i chose the right element for me.
also, apparently it has super healing powers (insert healthy skepticism here)
when worn in a magnetic bracelet it has the power to (and i quote): increase body immunity function     adjust blood pressure,blood fat,blood sugar and some physiological function      cure cancer  Anti-aging function  Resist cancerigenic factor   Cure various disease and health care function
also, Germanium can be used as an x-ray lens, because even though it’s opaque to visible light, it transmits and can focus x-rays.
Germanium was discovered in 1886 by Clemens Winkler who named it after his country, Germany.

And that is our science lesson today!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

inspiration can come from anything even pie or math puns

while pondering what to create for my monthly free art friday distribution i thought originally i would do something st patrick's day themed since the date will be 3/13 but then i thought wait a minute... 3/14 is national pie day (because of the 3.14 pun on pi) so then this happened...  it is a process, sketching out ideas what do i think about pie--and i struggled to make the food look right so i went instead to the fork then suddenly there was a crest exalting the glory of pie... and i looked happily on what i had made and thought yes indeed this is good.  can't wait to share a slice with folks!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Maker's Nights are Your Chance to Get Hands-On

Every time i do an art show people ask me for classes but I don't want to be that formal.  As a result I offer "Maker's Nights" at Strands of Sunshine! I'll be leading some hands on workshops in March and April--we'll carve rubber stamps and use other techniques to create cards and other works of art. A fun opportunity to try your hand at making things without a large commitment of time or expense--all supplies provided! The catch is only 8 people per session as it is a small venue so interested participants should sign up quickly.  Looking forward to sharing my passion with more people!

Sign up in person at Strands of Sunshine (#8 Sixth Street North in St Pete) or call Amy at  727-823-2878.  Fee of $35 due at time of registration.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Sold Baby...and repeat!

 I'm part of the "Shifty Tricks" art exhibit where artists make works on skate board decks... my Orion inspired "Star Power" board sold at the opening held on Feb 21st so I've been asked to make a second board for the closing reception which will be held on March 14th at Local Longboard Co on the 600 block of Central Ave in St Pete.... so here we go again!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

'i'm not buying what you're selling' or 'living a false life feels worse than failure'

the following excerpt is taken from this blog on tumblr for purpose of discussion:

Anonymous asked: Hi, just wondering how you became an artist and how you were able to sell your art etc?
I became an artist when I was 14, I went to art/theater school and graduated with a BFA in painting. Selling art has been few and far between. So I would suggest to anyone wishing to make a living as an artist….get a good day job you like.  Only a very few lucky artist’s make a living selling art. The art world is a fickle place… is a matter of timing, luck and willingness to create the same thing over and over and over……or very similar things.  Gallery owners are in the business to make $$ and most galleries fail.
I have been in the business for 40 years and most artist’s who try just to make a living on their art…live in poverty.
Beyond that: make a website, be willing to accept rejection and believe in what you do!

and now because this post bothered me i must share my 2 cents:


While basically on the surface this maybe appears to be some practical advice, when i read it i thought: this sounds bitter and IT SOUNDS LIKE THINGS I HAVE SAID TO MYSELF IN THE PAST
that is the part that scares me, that i have in the past sold myself on giving up....accepting 'normal'...
but i seem to be turning a corner...  art is no longer the thing that makes me need therapy and it is also no longer my therapy for other messed up things.  art is now just what i do to complete myself. art is who i am even at this modest level of ability  i currently inhabit.  and i know i have potential and skill beyond that which i currently exhibit and i am working every day to achieve and match that inner vision.

Re: success being "luck and willingness to create the same thing over and over"... i think the idea of making the same thing over and over is THE DEATH KNELL to any artist and NOT THE KEY TO SUCCESS! Hello! People buy art because it touches something in them and that spark of life is what they CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT.   The artist that continually grows and works for self actualization as a creative being MUST CONTINUALLY REINVENT THEMSELVES.  As a result our art will continually change. AND THAT IS GOOD Turning your outlet into a work-a-day repetitive job will potentially kill your creative drive.  putting your talent to work to support you does not have to be repetitive and mundane.  but if you can't make art all day for your daily bread  IT IS OK TO HAVE A DAY JOB to help pay the bills. THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A FAILURE.   THE ONLY FAILURE IS IN GIVING UP ON YOURSELF.  I have done that in the past and it feels terrible.  DON'T DO IT

I may not be in the Guggenheim.  I may not be the latest must have item in someone's art collection.  BUT I am making the best art I can. I am making better art every day.  THIS IS WHAT AN ARTIST DOES.  Yes we have to eat and pay bills.   All of us monkeys do that.  BUT THIS IS OUR SPECIAL GIFT TO BRING THAT SPARK OF IMAGINATION LIFE HUMOR CURIOSITY AND MAGIC TO THE REST OF THE WORLD.    I don't know if this man really takes his own advice to believe in what he does.  It is hard to trust that which everyone else doubts but that is our practice as artists.
It sounds like he has given up hope and yet there is that hidden inner wish because you cannot deny your true self.   This is what i have learned and if anonymous had asked me this is what i would tell him/her.  YES IT IS HARD YES YOU WILL BE REJECTED YES IT FEELS IMPOSSIBLE BUT YOU MAY AS WELL EMBRACE IT BECAUSE IF IT IS YOUR TRUE CALLING YOU HAVE NO CHOICE.  Living a false life feels worse than failure.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Hello Art Lovers Wherever You Are

Here are some of the cute and quirky valentine's Ii made for Free Art Friday and Mail Art exchanges...  Happy Valentine's Day to all the art lovers out there from the crafty hag!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Booth Shot

 Just wanted to share some snapshots from my booth at the 2Cool Art Show held last weekend in the Gulfport Casino...  It was an interesting event.  Over all it was a great experience and very encouraging....  Always nice to meet new people and talk about art!

Friday, February 6, 2015

February Fun

A couple of events I'm participating in this month...  I keep saying I'll take a break but then fun opportunities pop up and before you know it i'm busy busy busy again!