Thursday, May 15, 2014

Free or not to Free?

A few years ago i started leaving art out around downtown, unannounced, just for fun... a secret game with a friend who also liked to just leave stuff out to be found by passers by....  now there is an organized facebook group and it turns out this is an international movement by generous wacky artists around the globe.  no doubt we all have our personal reasons for leaving art out.  free advertising? just for kicks? left over surplus you won't sell anyway but can't stand to throw in the garbage? i like to think mostly it is for generosity of spirit like hiding easter eggs or may baskets. (ok no one does may baskets anymore unfortunately but they should)  Some folks won't participate saying it cheapens their brand or lowers their market value.  i don't care.  sometimes art can just be for pleasure. not barricaded behind glass, maybe not even surviving an afternoon rainstorm. for me this is a way to experiment without risk of something not fitting into my 'body of work'. and it is a way of giving back to people who support my efforts and a way of exposing a new audience to art in a direct and exciting way.  so, keep an eye out on friday. it may be your lucky day.

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