Sunday, October 19, 2014


yesterday while selling art at a local market one of the shoppers stopping in my booth asked me about my work and why i make such things and motioning to the owls and bats said "these creatures are ungodly".   now of course perhaps two dozen other people that day had commented about how they love my work and told me i'm talented etc and while i'm trying to let those generous sentiments sink in, it is this one lady i can't get out of my mind.   i'm not a traditionally religious person and i could have numerous arguments about how can one of 'god's creations' be 'ungodly' but... why bother.  it is far more my intent to extoll the virtues and wonder of some creatures that are perhaps misunderstood, than to elaborate or capitalize upon their 'dark' stereotypes.  so, if it is ungodly to explore and understand a thing rather than to shun it out of tradition or misinformation, then so be it. let all my works be such.

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