Wednesday, March 5, 2014

a mystical take on (folk) art

"...everything which reminds us of the times of amateurish handicraft will awaken primordial impulses in our reptilian brain.  This will virtually automatically liberate the magical power in this section of the brain or awaken it in the first place."  -- excerpt from "Practical Sigil Magic" by Frater U.D.

Upon reading this passage i thought about the appeal of my own art and of folk art in general and the energy conveyed by 'outsider' or 'untrained' artists and the response of viewers to such rustic, primitive images.  Is this the reason we are drawn to such work? Is there a link between the unconscious mind and the raw energy of creation? Certainly folk art conveys a directness that other more 'refined' works do not, in my humble opinion.  i wonder if people are even aware this is happening when they view artwork? do they even notice that surge of energy? they must, that is why we love art right? energy!

another excerpt from the same text:
"Place your trust in your feelings (i.e. your intuition) rather than in rules which other(s)... have set up according to their own subjective biases, disaffections and tempers".

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