Monday, March 3, 2014

heart art aka my precious

the nice thing about not having any current deadlines for shows is having time to experimenting with different media.  these wooden pieces hang from leather cords and measure approx 12x12 inches.  they have a thin wash of acrylic paint, then screen printed images, then enhanced details with sharpie markers and leather 'thread' stitched with holes drilled thru the wood...

so much of the creative process is playing with "what if" scenarios.  what if i do this, what if i use that color, or combine these images..."what if" is the essence of creating.  the lesson i learned most in pursuit of my BFA is that you have to be willing to take risks in the studio.  many artists especially young 'beginners' have a sense of preciousness about their work and a fear of 'messing up' something they like.  but that fear is what will hold you back from a real break through.  playing it safe isn't always the best thing and it is years of risking and fixing that help develop a mature artist and give you faith to trust your skills that if you do make a change you like less than a previous state you can fix it and work your way out of it.  (although this is easier to do with painting than printmaking i would dare to say you can even in printmaking problem solve to correct a bad creative choice.)

the other thing i have learned is to sleep on a project.  if you aren't sure about what to do next with a piece let it rest.  if you finished a piece and don't care for it, don't white wash it right away, give it time.  sometimes time alters your view of a thing and you'll grow to like it or see a new direction to take it in... and sometimes you realize you've outgrown it entirely.  but no matter what, the experience of having made a piece, even a failed piece, is of value.  similar to how you learn something of value from a broken heart.  it all helps shape your future work.

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