Thursday, June 12, 2014

a shadowy future?

I checked out a book on shadow puppets from the library recently (YES ANOTHER ONE) anyway...  for a long long time I've thought my block prints would translate well into shadow puppets...  I've never done this type of thing really (except for the usual bunny ears during that elementary school film strip and if you don't know what a film strip is you need to time travel back to the previous century! ding! now turn the page!)

Anyway I've had numerous close calls with puppet projects but nothing ever REALLY my orbit is back in that galaxy AGAIN... and not sure if I'll be crash landing into a new planet or not... we'll see!

Meanwhile you can travel with me and have some summer fun using a flashlight and make shadow puppets with your hands (check out this cool reproduction of advertising for a chocolate company for some ideas!!) or cut them out of paper and make a puppet theater! (after reading this blog post i'm totally tempted to make one from a cereal box)

If you want a sample of some artistry check out the work of a real legend, German artist Lotte Reiniger (google her!) thanks to the internet we can enjoy a shadow play right now this very minute!

It is summer, time for late nights and sleep overs and forts and fun, sure creepy things MIGHT lurk in the why not join in the fun?!

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