Sunday, June 1, 2014

exploring by way of a series

sometimes you dont know where you're going until you get there...
the past few days i've been exploring ritual masks of various cultural groups--
african, mexican, american -- first nations...  and thinking about the transformative power
of something hand made that took a dancer or shaman and assisted them in transcending
from the day to day world to a more magical spiritual realm...  i hope to capture a taste
of that ritual magic in my work and bring it back to our day to day lives.

images here of recent carved block and silk screen images in progress

sometimes i wonder how many little blocks will i have to carve before i am done with a topic.
sometimes you're never done and you revisit that imagery over and over for years not realizing the deeper theme but just following where the inspiration leads you.
sometimes exploring art is really you exploring yourself.
sometimes it is just fun to make things that look really dang cool.

just keep working, you'll know when you get there.

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