Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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At a market last weekend someone looking at my art asked if I have a blog... which should be an easy yes/no answer but it isn't really... I have blogs for mail art and a photo blog for a pink giraffe but not one specifically about art, my process etc.  It never occurred to me that this would be of interest to people honestly. And I'm still not sure it is but I do enjoy writing so as I have the time and inclination I'll post some ruminations as topics present themselves to me...  and shorter posts will still be a regularity on my facebook page since that is so instantaneous. And away we go...

So this morning I've been seeing a lot of conversation online about how an artist's work impacts viewers and it got me thinking about how I personally respond to art (which is an emotional/visceral reaction) and the various comments I've received from others based upon my own creations.  Often people tell me that seeing my work inspires them to try their own hand at making art which seems incredible that I may be causing ripples of creativity out in the world and yet I know that same sensation, when I see something that moves me I want to then respond in kind and let that magic feeling spread further. And creating art does seem like magic to me, this wild random idea pops into your mind and the next thing you know you're humming and working and time no longer exists and suddenly there is this new thing, this image that is fun and makes you laugh but yet is mildly creepy and you love it.  (At least that is how it happens sometimes, other times it is a struggle but today we're thinking about the positive easy flow of creativity so I'll save the down side and struggle for another day.)

As I have been fortunate to show my work in multiple public venues, I've had the chance to talk to a lot of people about my art in a casual, person to person way.  Sometimes I've felt put on the spot...as a card carrying introvert all this public exposure at first feels awkward.  Every time I do a show, I feel a little bit bad for that first person who comes to my booth because they get the rough around the edges fumbling conversation as my mind tries to get into gear. Luckily the art usually does most of the talking for me!

Countless times people have stopped into my tent at a show and told me that someone sent them one of my cards or that they received something I had made as a gift for a special occasion and that is truly the most heart warming thing, to think that I was involved in enhancing their experience. To think of my art being seen and loved on a daily basis in someone's home or office is an amazing thing.  (I really feel art is to be lived with.) What we surround ourselves with influences our spirits so I am honored to be a part of peoples' lives in that way.  I hope to continue making work that others can relate to and enjoy on whatever level, be it a simple card, practical kitchen towel or a large formal piece on their wall.  The full lifespan of a piece of art from creating, to viewing, and enjoying couldn't be complete without the viewer.  So thank you for doing your part art fans!  If it weren't for you my art would only have half a life.

And I think I will pause this stream of consciousness post here for now, but stay tuned.  Now that the ball is rolling I may come to like this blogging thing and will likely have frequent occasion to write about the ins and outs of the art world as I know it.  I hope it provides some food for thought.  Until the next time!

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