Friday, February 14, 2014

Dripping Pitch and Made of Wood

It's Valentine's Day, a holiday that stirs up a lot of commotion and sometimes emotion.  I've been working on a lot of heart themed images party around the idea of Valentine's day (I love to send cards!) but also as a continued step on this soul searching journey I've been on this past year or two.  

I'll be one of many lady artists in the "Art of Women" show that opens tonight at Oleson Gallery (685 Central Ave in St Pete) The 600 block has multiple openings tonight so it is worth a trip down and walk the block.  It is a nice alternative for those of us without significant others to maybe get out without feeling the pressure of dates or lack there of.   This is my piece for the show, please pardon the poor lighting but you get a taste of it.  It is called "Dripping Pitch and Made of Wood".  

The title comes from a Modest Mouse song called "3rd Planet" from I think back in 2000 but it is a line that has stuck in my head on continual loop for ages : "Your heart felt good, it was dripping pitch and made of wood". I didn't start out with that title in mind but I knew I wanted to have drips from the heart when I was working on this piece and then that jumped to mind so there you have it.  A glimpse into why things are what they are.  The cobweb? Well that is what I call nature's lace which serves to tie my love of spooky themes with the over the top sense of Valentine's day being all sugary... and maybe it needs to be cleared out so an old heart can beat again. Who knows.  Sometimes things just look nice and have no meaning.  But I like that it is there and I think it balances things out nicely.

Silk Screen, Acrylic, and Sharpie on Board
approx 20 x 25 inches (just a guess i forgot to measure before dropping at the gallery)

Oh you can hear the Modest Mouse song here, I think it is nice. 3rd Planet on youtube

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