Monday, February 10, 2014

About Me

My artwork reflects the family traditions that I was raised with and the value that was instilled in me for creating items by hand. The work ethic of farm life and the appreciation of a partnership with nature have greatly influenced my artistic process and imagery.
As we become technologically dependent, the old ways of hand made get lost. We loose a connection to the world around us that working with our hands brings. This is why my work is hand printed without computers, my silk-screens hand drawn without photo emulsion processes, my lino blocks hand carved, inked, and pressed putting my direct touch on every aspect of my work. I work from home with every day tools that anyone could access.
I make art to express that which is felt but unseen and to engage myself and the viewer with things we may have forgotten: the connection to our roots, to childhood, nature, mystery, and the unknown. It is easy to forget that we are creative from birth and stifle the impulse to play. I hope with my art to stir some of those hidden inclinations back to life both in myself and in the viewer.

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